Saturday, 19 July 2008

Joyeux Anniversaire

It's another typical Normandie summers day here today, cloudy windy and drizzling. Is that because we have friends camping in the garden?

Yesterday we went to Vire market and got two more 'ready to lay' hens. This is in the hope that they will spur our other four layers to start laying again. We have only had one egg in nearly two weeks now and mentioning things like bread sauce or sage & onion stuffing or roasting does not seem to work. If they don't start earning their keep very soon then they will in other ways!

Fortunately the vegetable patch and polytunnel are starting to pay their ways and we are getting some lovely fresh produce from them. Yields should be better next year as we find what grows best and fruit bushes etc get established.

I have lined the wildlife pond which now needs filling and landscaping. Tom is looking forward to the day he can pond dip. Saari is feeling very sorry for herself after her operation and is miffed as she has to wear a lampshade around her head. And Poppy is miffed as her friend is not playing with her at the moment. Hopefully normal service will be resumed next week.

Anyway as it has stopped raining I must walk Poppy before the next downfall and see if the hens have given us any eggs today.

Oops nearly forgot - Happy Birthday Rosie

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