Sunday, 20 April 2008

Fast Cars, Friends and Farms

Simon and the boys went off to watch the car rally this morning. I took the dogs for a walk having little interest in seeing 80 odd cars hurtling round country lanes on a Sunday morning. The walk was fantastic with the verges now so full of wild flowers. I think, at the moment, my favourites are still the cowslips and primroses together with the early purple orchids. There are just so many of them where-as in England they were a rare sight.

There are also oxlips which look like a cross between a cowslip and a primrose and I had never previously seen these. Later in the year, contractors will mow the verges very short - an action which at the time seems excessively harsh, but if the number of spring flowers seen in the verges is anything to go by then this management works. And on the subject of spring, I heard the first cuckoo today. I also saw a lone swallow about 10 days ago but no more since.

I did, however, end up seeing some of the rally as Simon had met some of our neighbours who have children at school with the boys and wanted me to come over and meet them too. The youngest is in Ben's group but because they don't go by bus we hadn't realised they lived so close. All the children got on so well and it as great listening to Tom and Ben gabbling off in French. We have provisionally arranged to meet up one Wednesday which will be good company for the boys and give me the opportunity to speak more french.

In the afternoon we went to the open day at the local organic farm. It was part of a weekend of farm open days all over Normandie and we had several to chose from in the local area. Unfortunately the lovely spring sunshine of the morning had degenerated into thunderstorms and heavy rain showers but we managed to dodge the worst of the rain and the boys enjoyed seeing the animals and loved having a donkey ride. Ben just couldn't stop smiling.

We also met even more of the boys' school friends and I again invited one of them to visit sometime soon. I feel more confident in my language now to have non-English visitors ...... but I do need to perfect my coffee making beforehand! That said, more and more french happily drink (weak) tea or herb/fruit tisanes which I can make.

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