Sunday, 23 March 2008

And the Easter Bunny was late

6:30am Easter Sunday morning son number two decides to start chirping. "Quiet Ben and go back to sleep". 6:35am, son number two sings, louder. "Ben, quiet please". 6:37am, son number two gets up and decides to honor us with his best tenor rendition. "Ben, go back to bed and be quiet, pleaseee" 6:39am and son number sings more, even louder. "Ben will you be quiet, pleaseeee". 6:41am "Ben pleaseeeee sing quieter, its too early", 6:42 Ben, read a book or something but stop singing. 6.43am "Ben you'll wake Tom up, pleaseeeee stop singing" 6:44am Brother awakes. Cue parental groan.

"Come on Ben lets get dressed and see if the Easter Bunny as been and left us some eggs to find in the garden" shouts older brother. Sounds of draws opening, dressing, coats and boots going on , doors crashing and two boys running outside whilst planning their search strategy.

Easter, Easter bunny, Eggs! Hell (or words to that affect). The Easter bunny is still sleeping like the boys parents. Cue second parental groan. A jab in the ribs, with a "get up and help, we'll hide the eggs in their rooms ". "Thanks" I reply " and please tell how you are going to get yourself out of this" . "Em, we'll say its too cold outside for the Easter Bunny".

Eggs duly hidden and I sneak back to my pit (well it's only 1.6 degrees C outside be fair). And a voice from downstairs says "Tom, Ben, the Easter Bunny has been and left you a note, it says, 'eggs in bedroom, boys' come on" Not bad improvisation me thinks. Two boys come racing in, speed up to their rooms and seek out their eggs. All happy in the end and they did not seem too suspicions.

Until............... "Mummy, why has the Easter Bunny written the note in English and not French?" Hee Hee, now get out of that Rosie.

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