Sunday, 10 February 2008

Tom's Birthday

We have had two architects visit and now we are waiting for the quotes. Both had some good ideas, advantages and disadvantages, which apart from waiting for their quotes, has made it virtually impossible to chose between them. So we'll have to wait for their quotes and go from there.

It was Tom's sixth birthday on Friday. Rosie baked a cake for him to take into school to share with his class. And thats it. In France that is as much as birthdays are celebrated. Sheer pleasure for parents. He had presents at home and seem to enjoy his birthday as much as before.

Sally (his aunt) came over on the night ferry arriving in Caen on Saturday morning. Its a shock these days to get up early and I had to be at the port at 7:30am. We all went out to a pizza restaurant in Conde-sur-Noireau for Tom's birthday lunch. In the afternoon Sally took the boys for a bike ride, Rosie dug the vegetable patch and planted shallots and onions. Me, while I strained my eyes watching the rugby. This is February and whilst enjoying a cup of tea on the door step a bee settles nearby.

Sunday, another glorious day, we drove down to Ambriere les Valles in Mayenne us an old friend of ours, Helen, was over here at a PGL Adventure Centre with her school kids. The kids were covered in mud from head to toe after doing the assault courses. It looked great fun. Due to the health and safety do gooders or should I say job worths Tom and Ben, or for that matter me, could not have a go. The least I say on this subject the better, but in France do what the French do. Watched the Italy/England Six Nations Match - enjoyed the first half, need I say more. I think the French will be much happier with the result in two weeks time compared to the world cup.

Not much on this coming week. Coppicing tomorrow and hopefully do some hedge laying and also some fencing. One to keep the dogs from visiting the neighbours and for our later plans of getting some livestock.

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