Thursday, 11 December 2014

Polytunnel Spring Clean (in December!)

Posted by Rosie

Last week, in a bid to inspire me to get out into the winter garden, I posted my December To Do list up on the blog.  If you click here you can see how I am getting on.  As you can see I have done quite a few small jobs and then, because the weather has alternated between wet and frosty (not ideal for anything much done outside) I have headed into the polytunnel to start a much needed tidy up.  Here's how I'm getting on.

Far corner cleared: Compost added, onion sets planted and chard weeded through.

The leek patch before I weeded it:

And after:  I still need to attack the cold frame behind the leeks mind you.

A before shot looking at the main doors:

And after with less weeds and things sorted a bit.  There's sill a lot do do though!

The forecast for the next few days is rather wet and windy so with luck I may be able to crack on here and get the polytunnel fully spring cleaned ... in December!  I must also remember to plant my garlic which I meant to do today but got sidetracked by something esle.

For other blogs where gardeners have been braving the winter weather head on over to The How Does Your Garden Grow linky run by Annie of Mammasaurus!

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  1. Wow that's a lot of hard work! I love the satisfaction of how tidy things look after a good old weeding session :)

  2. A polytunnel must be an incredibly good place to garden in during these next few months!

  3. You have been a busy bunny, secretly I suspect that you have your own clone army who tend to these things for you ;)

    As always I'm in awe of your energy and organisation and totally jealous of the space Rosie. If you want to bottle your energy to sell I am happy to become your manager ;)

    Thanks for joining in again xx

  4. Good work on clearing the weeds, especially around the leeks! I hope one day I'll have some land large enough for a polytunnel. So many possibilities. Although I fear that if I get one, I will spend all my time in there and neglect most other things.

  5. Wow, you did get a lot done! I keep looking at my kitchen garden and thinking that I must get out and do a bit of prep before winter, but the weather has been awful! Hopefully next week :) #HDYGG

  6. This cries out Leek and Potato soup to me. A perfect Winter warmer. Your hard work and effort really pays off and shows here.

  7. A poly tunnel sounds like a godsend in the chillier and windy weather, although it's another thing to sort out - looks like you're making good progress

  8. You have been a busy bee! Such wonderful progress and will certainly be worth all your hard work

  9. I looked in the greenhouse yesterday and came straight back out! Perhaps after Christmas...


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