Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Pig Dentistry

Would you be happy if your dentist came towards your mouth with these?

Well this is what Boris had to contend with!

A few weeks ago Rosie was a bit concerned that one of Boris's tusks was getting too long and that it was sore where the tusk rubbed.  Rosie did a bit of research and found a site that said a pair of bolt croppers could be used to cut the tusk back.

Rosie also added that it was pretty tough to do and involved a fair amount of squealing, whether this was on the 'dentists' part or the pigs I wasn't too sure!  Another option was to use a cheese wire.

To Rosie's surprise I immediately got the bolt croppers and some pig food.  'We're doing it NOW?' asks Rosie.  Yep, let's get it done' I reply.  If I'm going to do things like this it's a case of get on and do it - strike whilst the iron is hot.  So it was down to Boris's pen for tusk cutting.

I get ready with the bolt croppers, I lined them up and flexed my muscles ready to take on the challenge of man with bolt croppers versus Boris's tusk. Rosie had a bowl of food set up and was ready to help in any way.  Boris plunges into the bowl of food.  I get the bolt croppers around his tusk ready to strain away.

CHINK, BING - job done.  No squeals, no pain and no strain from either Boris or me.  Boris never even noticed.  I even managed to trim the tusk back more with the same 'Chink, bing. The other tusk Boris, at some stage, had self trimmed so no action needed there.

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