Saturday, 8 December 2012

Now that's the way I like to do my Christmas Shopping

Posted by Rosie

Rugby was cancelled this afternoon due to a waterlogged pitch and I somehow subsequently agreed to take the boys to the local toy shop ... "just to see what we might like for Christmas," they assured me. In fairness I didn't put up too much of  fight as I was still a little short on ideas.  Mum always lets me chose, as does my sister and a friend of Simon's Mum and whilst the boys are getting to the age where they are happy with money, they are still young enough to enjoy tearing open presents on Christmas morning (well who isn't to be fair?).

We managed to time our trip well, just as the shop re-opened after lunch and it was really rather quiet. We wandered, we looked and a list was drawn up. Prices were noted and we escaped just as it started to get all too busy for me.

Photo of Bluewater Shopping Centre by davepatten
I had planned to go back next week to buy the things they had chosen ... then Simon (who is still in the UK) phoned. Foolish boy, he mentioned that there is a large toy shop just 5 minutes away from where he is staying. List was emailed. Prices were emailed. Simon is off to a toy shop tomorrow and I can enjoy a much more peaceful Sunday here in France!   OK, so I will miss out on the free wrapping service that shops offer here but I reckon that is a small price to pay for avoiding having to go to a toy shop in the run up to Christmas.

All in all that's what I call a RESULT ;)

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  1. Update on the buying of Christmas presents - we decided it was easier to buy them online and in doing so also retained Simon's sanity!


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