Monday, 7 May 2012

Wood, Wood, Wood and More Wood

On and off for the last few weeks I have been cutting down trees for firewood with a friend, Ian.  Most of the larger trunks have been moved to his place for cutting to wood burner lengths and splitting. These were from large oaks that I had mention in an earlier post (Mud, mud, glorious mud)

Whilst doing the splitting we noticed Ian's neighbours struggling to get some trees down so we asked if they wanted some help.  The deal was we cut the trees for the wood and they got around this cascade cleared and created a glade.  So the splitting of the oaks was put on hold for a while.

At times it wasn't the best of weather conditions for working outside, let alone tree felling.  A dash for shelter was quite often the case from the heavy rainfall.  And a huge gush of wind caused one tree to go the wrong way and bent the guide bar of the chainsaw.  Something that didn't put me in the best of moods, especially as it was a nearly new bar.

So a lot of hard work has been done getting the next couple of years firewood processed and I have a little still to do for Ian's neighbours and then we have to re-start cutting up the trunks and splitting the oaks.  I then have to transport the logs back to here for stacking.

We are very impressed with our log splitter we bought and having a hydraulic one is much easier than using an axe.

And for all that hard work I can sit back on a cold winters night watching it all go up in flames!

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  1. That last bit is the best bit and the only bit that makes it all worthwhile :-)

    Hard work but so worth it.

    Sue xx


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