Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Tracks in the Snow

Posted by Rosie

When I took the dogs for a walk yesterday I walked down a path that was, until I got there, untouched by human footfall since the snow had fallen. However, it was clear that I was not the first to pass this way as the tracks in the fresh snow revealed that both a fox and a hare had taken the route before me. What was also clear was the fact that this particular hare was not the intended prey for M. Renard as the style of tracks showed neither animal was in a hurry and they were also going in opposite directions! I have no idea who passed by first or where they went afterwards but I did feel rather pleased to have been witness to the often invisible wildlife of this area.

Normandy has plenty of wildlife including red squirrels, wild boar, coypu and deer to name but a few. I have never seen a wild boar in the flesh but have seen their tracks where-as squirrels are a relatively common sighting. Being in France these are the native red squirrels and one of my favourite local creatures. I do just wish Saari would work out that they have evolved to climb trees and she hasn't!

This page gives information on many animals found in France although not all in Normandy ... which may be just as well considering the list includes bears and wolves. However with patience,a pair of binoculars and maybe just a bit of luck you should  be able to spot at least some species in the area around the gite.


  1. The wildlife is a never ending source of enjoyment and intrigue for us. Like you we have red squirrels in the garden, deer in the surrounding fields and wild boar. No rabbit or hare here at all which is sad. We have recently used a night camera and filmed genet, beech martin, foxes and stoat. Be thankful you have not seen a wild boar in the flesh - at least not too close. ;-)

  2. I think it is the sighting of a hare that actually gives me one of the greatest thrills. There's something I find very magical about them so following their tracks was a privilege. You'll have to make a trip up north for your hare/rabbit fix ;-)


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