Thursday, 29 December 2011


Tom and Ben had asked for skateboards (amongst other things) for Christmas and we duly obliged. Ben was so excited at getting a skateboard that after discovered he had got one he just stood there and bounced up and down for a few minutes.

Boxing Day morning at some unearthly hour all we could hear echoing through the house was this thump, thump, thump.
 'Ben, what are you doing?  I shout from our bedroom.
 'Well practising turns on my skateboard' came the reply.
 'Ben, it is; a) early in the morning and we were still asleep and b) there are other planets to do these things on!'
 'Sorry' squeaks a little voice.

Therefore on, a damp, cold  and foggy, Tuesday morning Sally and I took the boys to the local park, which also has a skateboard area.  For the next couple of hours they practised away.  They started on the path and then down a very slight slope.  Ben, more so than Tom, thought it would be a case of jump on the board and off I go. He got quite frustrated.  In the meantime Tom worked away at it and was soon getting the basics.
Ben's Derrière

In the skateboard area we found a steeper slope and they were soon zipping down it, falls and all.   Tom had a bit of a crashing fall which put him off for a while - a lovely grazed leg!  Ben then progressed to the ramp and was, by now, getting his balance sorted and starting to turn.  Tom, somewhat nervously, joined him and was just getting his confidence back by the time we had to leave.

Now we are getting nagged constantly for another session skateboarding - hopefully on not such a damp, cold and foggy morning. Oh, and I did have a go and I think the photo speaks for itself, plus the bruised backside.  Also I do not want any more broken bones!

And Me

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  1. Dear Ben and Tom,

    It's Rebecca here (Grace Millie and me stayed with you in August 2011).

    Scateboards look fun. I have started a french club at school. It was my birthday this week on thursday.

    How big are the piglets now?
    Can't wait to see you again.
    From Rebecca Coles (age 8)


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