Friday, 30 December 2011

Normandy - The Place to Visit in 2012

Posted by Rosie

According to today's Telegraph Travel, the top place for value to visit in Europe in 2012 is our very own Normandy!


"Normandy for value
In these difficult times, travellers will be looking above all for good value and security. The country that is likely to benefit most – apart from Britain, perhaps – is likely to be France, and nowhere more so than Normandy. You can take the car there on the ferry for £100 return, or less; you can travel via Paris on Eurostar in half a day, and there's greater variety in this wonderful region than in anywhere else I can think of. 

It has some of the best beaches and most beautiful countryside in France. There are sophisticated resorts (Deauville and Trouville) scenic ports (Honfleur and Barfleur) and seaside villages (Etretat and Pourville) and there is the wild and rocky west coast of the Cotentin Peninsula. 

There are world-class art galleries in Rouen and Le Havre, and excellent ones in Dieppe and Honfleur – not to mention Monet's garden and a string of other associations with the Impressionists. There are great medieval churches and cathedrals in Fécamp, Rouen and Mont St Michel. And I haven't even mentioned the Bayeux Tapestry, the cheese, the cider, the Calvados, the golf, the sailing, William the Conqueror, the Normandy landings… 

If you are searching for value and variety in 2012, look no further. 

Getting there: and "

Do you know what - I think I agree :-)


  1. what about the castle in Merlin the tv show?

  2. I haven't watched that. Where did they film it?

  3. We are visiting there this year ourselves.

    along with Mont St michel, D-day beaches, Deauville beach, the Bayeaux tapestry and Caen.

    Super excited.

  4. I know its not strictly Normandy but I can be done as a day trip.


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