Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Our Wood Burner

Posted by Rosie

Our wood burner heating, drying and cooking
I love our wood burner and whilst I never relish the thought of colder days I always look forward to lighting it again after it's summer of inactivity. It somehow gives a heart to to the whole house because it is so much more than just a box to burn logs and keep us warm. For a start it keeps the pets warm and it only took the dogs approximately 2 minutes to realise when we first lit it! It also warms all of the house and thanks to the heat exchange unit Simon and Ady put in over the summer, its warm air is now even better circulated around the colder rooms of the house, namely Tom's bedroom and the loft.  

When we chose our wood burner we made sure we had one with a hot plate on the top - now it's heat also cooks many a supper, pots of jam, pans of stock etc etc. It boils water for hot drinks and washing up and keeps cooked food warm. Oh and not forgetting clothes. Trying to dry clothes on airers with dirty wet dogs around is not always entirely successful so Simon built an overhear airer and now we can dry clothes really quickly and pretty much out of the way.

Winter may be creeping up on us but outside, thanks to our wood burner, inside we are all warm, cosy, dry and well fed.


  1. i love my woodburner too

    and the rayburn

    heart of the house

  2. Brilliant use of it.

    I love that you got one with a hot plate so you can make coffee etc.

    As hot air also rises yor clothes will dry twice as fast up there anyway.

    Sue xx


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