Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Butchering and BBQ.

Pig & Lamb 
Due to circumstances beyond my control - injury to hand - we called in a local man to slaughter and butcher 3 of our pigs and 2 lambs (plus a friend's lamb). 6 animals in all.

Seb, the local man, arrived at 2pm yesterday and well before 5pm he had slaughtered, de-haired the pigs, skinned the lambs and gutted and hung them all ready for butchering today.  Within 3 hours of his arrival this morning he had butchered them all.
2 Lambs Ready to Freeze

He has done a great job and we are really pleased.  I am especially pleased as it would take me at least twice, if not three times, as long.  And now we have extremely full freezers.

We also, of course, had to sample the meat and as I had a bonfire this evening I decided to cook some lamb chops over the embers.  I really cannot believe that I would be having a BBQ in mid November.  I know the fire was hot but the evening was a lovely temperature and I sat out cooking chops and sampling a glass of local cider. Well one must after a hard day's butchering - well it was hard work watching others!


  1. Gosh you really are living the Good Life arent you!

    Looks fabulous

  2. Thank you Sol - we are about 90% self sufficient in meat. I buy some ham and chorizo but have greatly reduced these recently by having cold roast meat instead of ham sandwiches and Hugh FW's Mexican chorizo from mince. With veg I reckon we are about 80% self sufficient and would have been more so had 2011 not been such a bad year in the garden.


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