Friday, 30 September 2011

Ady & The Turkey Run

The Turkey Run
This morning, Ady, our long term HelpX'er, went back to the UK.  His excuse - a winter back at his mum's place with central heating (what a wimp).  Ady it's 29°C here at the moment! And this was someone nicknamed, not by us, Macho!!

Anyway, with Ady's help (or more truthfully, Ady with my help) we have completed a great number of projects.  From renovating the old bakery, converting the attic, adding an upstairs bathroom, new workshop doors, fencing/gates and finally he has rewired our house in readiest for EDF moving our incoming electrics (this will be a post on it's own - when it happens!).  Plus he has helped with many other jobs in between. Without his help I'd still be languishing on the bakery.

So Ady not only are we greatly indebted to you for all the work you have done for us - we are also indebted to you for teaching our sons how to play poker and how to whack me in the shins without leaving a mark.  But regarding the poker, it's okay, I've given the boys your credit card number!

Now the Turkey Run - a little difficult to describe.

The ducks and turkeys reside in the same pen and if we feed them together the ducks eat everything before the turkeys get a chance and of course we want bigger turkeys.  Now in a race across the field back to the pen the turkeys are faster than the ducks. So at evening feed time all the birds gather in the field corner by our house. Their pen is diagonally opposite.  So it it a case of - get the feed bucket, run to the pen, let turkeys in and shut, rather pi**ed off, ducks out.  Turkeys have a good feed and then let the ducks in for their dinner.  Works okay normally.  Well that was until Ady tried - even the ducks nearly beat him!

And this is when we discovered that Ady, despite being a great help around the place and being a bit of a karate expert (he was in Team GB) in his prime, (and why I'm writing this after he has gone), was trying to keep one fact very quiet from us .  And that is he runs like a 'big girls blouse'!   And he thought he could run to the turkey pen faster than I could get to the camera - WRONG. And the photo shake is caused by a fit of the giggles not only by me but all of us.

Ady -  although put to shame by 5 turkeys in the 50 metre dash - once again thank you for all your hard work and getting loads of jobs done.  Thank you for putting up with us all and being the butt of jokes (which you paid back in kind).  And just remember there is always a nice bowl of pasta with ketchup waiting here for your return, oh and courgettes - your favourite!!

Thanks Mate and catch up soon.

Oh and Ady - apart from the thanks to you I'd also like to thank those people (mainly ladies) who, in my opinion correctly, thought I looked younger than you - hee, hee.

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