Sunday, 14 August 2011

Onward and UP-wards

Attic October 2009
Eighteen months ago I started (with HelpX'ers) on our attic space.  This was just to insulate it.  I only got as far as the insulation boards.  Then just before last Christmas (over a year later) I managed to get it fully insulated - making the house about 4°C warmer - and then get some plaster board on.  I even managed to get some of the wiring in place as well.  And there it waited.

Attic 02/08/2011
And to be fair, in between I have converted a barn into a gite plus done one or two other jobs. So at the end of last month I was able to get back to it.  The worse part was trying to remember what wiring was for what but eventually that was sorted and Ady (HelpX) and I were off.

We completed the wiring, finished the boarding, put timber up on the ceiling and partition wall.  Prepared the walls and painted them.  Ducting for a heat exchange unit is being laid in and shelves constructed (mainly me).

Attic Room 13/08/2011
We have now laid the floor (mainly Ady) and now, at long last we have something that looks like a room.  We have some electrics to finish and all those finishing touches that need to be done - timbering edging etc. The worse part of the project, apart from having to lug everything up and downstairs, is the moving of all the boxes and furniture around.  Definitely a job made easier having a helper. 

So hopefully very soon we will have another bedroom and living area.  The next job is to put in a first floor bathroom, which I'm hoping to start next week.


  1. It's nice to see the progress - well done!

    Isn't it so much quicker when you have a helper, especially one that knows what they are doing.

    Sue xx

  2. Hi Family Hill it is Patsy & Sean, touching base. the work looks good on the house and hope your season has been busy with clientile? How are mes garcons?? HAVE YOU BOTH BEEN WELL? Thinking of you-still never been in next door yet and third baby arrived a month or so ago! So miss you as neighbours and friends, always see you sitting out with the tilly lamp playing your games!! Sean is 60 soon on 20th Sept, so having a gathering on the 18th-if you around??? never know. Pat xxx

  3. Hi Patsy and Sean - We're not ignoring you honest, just up to eyeballs in everything as usual. I'll try and catch up properly on the phone soon. Rosie xx


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