Friday, 10 June 2011

No Pleasing - With the Weather

Ben's New Bed
With quite a few little jobs that had to be done and having to make a bed-cum-desk for Ben's birthday, at the end of May, I have been quite busy. Ben's bed also took longer than planned!  Moving rain water around from filled water butts to various other water containers also seems to have taken a chunk of my time.

But now I have had a chance to get back to the renovation works of the old bakery. Well I would be if the rain stopped! And the good news is I have some help.  We have a HelpX, Ady and he has good experience in building, plumbing, electrical works plus other talents.  So in between the rain showers we are getting on building the walls back up.  The internal block work is done and now we are doing the exterior stone work. One side is now finished and we are working on the gable end.

Old Bakery Works
Due to the rain, we have put the floor boards in and built a sink/work top area.  And we have finished one or two other 'out of the rain' jobs but we are running out of indoor jobs unless I start on a whole new project - which I don't want to do at the moment.

So you see one minute we're moaning that we have no rain and now I'm moaning that we have too much or it's timing is wrong - well at least it is the right type of rain!!

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