Monday, 25 April 2011

Snap-shot of a April Day

Posted by Rosie

Outside my window - I can see washing blowing on the line - dry and windy weather (again) may not be good for the garden but it is great for getting the washing dry.

I am thinking - Will it rain this month or not?

From my kitchen - I can see the first mange-tout I have picked from the polytunnel.

I am wearing - 3/4 length trousers and a vest top - my standard uniform for hot weather.

I am going - to England soon.

I am hearing -Slight discord from the bathroom - Simon is cutting the boys' nails and it is something they dislike passionately.

Around the house - there are 4 large dogs flopped on the floor after their walk.

One of my favourite things is - the game banangrams, given to us by a friend ages ago (thanks Dragos), finally played last week and totally addictive. "Just one more go" is our favourite line at the moment.
And here is my picture for thought - will the apples taste as good as the blossom looks?

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  1. the blossom is spectacular this year


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