Monday, 4 April 2011

Escape Artists

Posted by Rosie

Dumpling and Jacob
It's a bit noisy at Eco-Gites this evening - our 2 lambs have arrived and are bleating loudly having just been separated from their Mum's.  However, they are currently in with the chickens and when they are not bleating they are either chasing the chickens or trying (and succeeding) at getting through the chicken pop-hole into the nesting area.  Well Dumpling was able to fit through where-as his half brother, Jacob, was too big!!

Adventure Pig .... on an adventure
Some of the pigs have also been getting to places they should not have been.  Simon took the digger into Boris and Charlotte's pen and whilst Boris scarpered to the far end of the enclosure in fear and trepidation of the big, scary machine, Charlotte hatched a quick escape plan, squeezed through a very small gap between the gate and the digger and headed off to pastures greener.  And she wasn't the only porcine escapee this afternoon - that piglet in the picture is on the wrong side of the fence.  That piglet, not unsurprisingly, is called Adventure Pig.  He may be the biggest of our piglets but he has inherited his Mum's ability to squeeze through small spaces.  His Mum is Charlotte!

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