Saturday, 5 March 2011

That Firkin Cat!!

Posted by Rosie
Firkin - July 2010

Firkin is a lovely cat.  He is handsome, he loves cuddles and he catches mice.  Firkin is also a VERY BAD CAT who thinks there is no finer place to enjoy the Spring sunshine than ON TOP of the polytunnel.  A week or so ago I caught him climbing up the side when I was working inside and yesterday I found him happily sat on top of it with out a care in the world and oblivious to the fact that climbing up is resulting in a rash of claw holes up the side.  

Polytunnel plastic does not come cheap and other than 2 small holes I made with the tomato supports and a bit of a tear at the front, the plastic is surviving well.  That will not be the case if Firkin continues to sunbathe on high.  Luckily (if you can say that), he only appears to have scrambling up at one point, thus minimising the area of damage.  I'm about to go out, now the sun has dried the plastic, and stick polytunnel tape over each claw mark I can find.  I am also arming myself with a water squirter so if I do see him up there again maybe a quick shower will deter him in the future.  If not, I am at a loss as to how to stop him.  He really is a Firkin cat at times!!


  1. Never mind a water squirter, try the hose pipe :)

  2. Ha ha Jo - the trouble is that would mean legging it to the barn to connect the power to the well pump then running over to switch on the said pump before puffing back to squirt Firkin with the hose. The water squirter is a bit quicker!!

  3. What I did to deter Archie (our big fluffy cat) was wait til he had got on top then bashed the ceiling on the inside with a long handled broom very suddenly and very scarily....he's never done it since!!

    He gives it a wide berth now.

    Sue xx

  4. Now I have just caught Foggy up there. Hopefully the bucket of water I lobbed at him will deter his future climbing escapades. I hope so.


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