Tuesday, 1 March 2011

One chicken

Posted by Rosie

Sept 2010 - Photo by Sian 
The largest of the cockerels that was slaughtered last year found his way to the top of the freezer and on into the kitchen at the weekend.  From this one chook we have had roast dinner for 5, chicken stew for 3, chicken and leek risotto for 4 and enough stock for both the risotto and a small pan of soup.  Oh and the lucky dogs got the skin after making the stock and we still have a big bag of chicken livers in the freezer.  It may "appear" better value to buy a cheap supermarket chicken but this fellow had a great free-range life, a quick end and gave as loads of very tasty meals.  Chicken as it really should taste like and very few food miles to boot.


  1. I couldn't agree more. Although the breast doesn't appear so meaty, there seems to be a depth to the breast meat ( if that makes sense)and the meat itself is solid.

    Like you we get several meals or part meals for a family of 5 from one bird and meat is so lovely

    Super looking birds :-)

  2. I agree too. Free range is best. I do roast, then chicken and ham (or leek) pie, then chicken soup with split peas and lentils.

  3. Sandra - friends who shared the roast commented on exactly that - the texture and flavour of the meat is superior to anything you'd get in a supermarket.

    Allison - Welcome to the blog. I might just make split pea and lentil soup with the stock. Thanks for the idea!

  4. Sounds wonderful. Whereabouts is your property in France? We often come over on our motorbike - weather permitting but we have driven through the rain before! lol!

  5. Hi Mrsnesbitt - we are in Calvados about 3/4hr south (ish) of Caen. It's beautifully rural and just beginning to feel like Spring at last.


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