Friday, 4 February 2011

Spring is on its way

Posted by Rosie

Well it certainly felt like it yesterday but I am not fooling myself and I know that Winter can still return with real fury.  Last year we had snow through most of this month and on into March then April was incredibly cold, dry and windy.  Spring never really happened which is why I'm keeping everything crossed for an early Spring this year.

So, why does it feel like Spring?

1. The temperature hit the heady heights of 10 degrees C.
Piglets enjoying the sunshine
2.  The frost has gone and the soil has dried out enough for me to get back digging again plus the soil I dug over dried out a little on the surface.  Digging made for some very happy pigs who got to eat the weeds and once eating was over the piglets had great fun rampaging round their pens.  In the picture from L-R are Perky, Adventure Pig, Peppa and Pinky.  More of why Adventure is so called another day.
3. There are loads of catkins fluttering in the wind and many buds have noticeably swelled.
4.  It's no longer pitch dark when I drive the boys to the bus stop and if I don't fed the  animals until 6pm I can still just see what I'm doing.
5.  I put washing on the line and it came in almost dry.
6. There are snowdrops in flower and other bulbs peeping their leaves through the soil.
7.  The grass is growing - OK only VERY slowly but the whole countryside is looking a lot greener. 
8. I found Hilda the duck has made herself a lovely downy nest and had already laid 11 eggs - clever girl.

And today?  It's mild and very windy - I'm off to take the dogs for a windswept walk then back to digging that veg patch whilst I can.  After all, who knows, Winter may be back again next week.


  1. Hi Rosie, Simon, Tom & Ben!

    Piglets have grown!

    New blog theme looks better!

    Hope you and the boys and animals are doing well!

    I like exclamation marks!

  2. Enjoy it while it lasts :)


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