Saturday, 12 February 2011

I'm a rugby widow!

Posted by Rosie

It's that time again - the Six Nations when England, France, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Italy battle it out on the rugby field and some poor soul has to try and get their kit clean for the next match.  Simon is a complete rugby fan so nothing comes in his way when it comes to something as important as the Six Nations.  Work stops, beer is opened, the TV goes and and for the length of the match the rest of the world may as well not exist for him.  Luckily the boys also enjoy watching the game (although I am not sure Simon always relishes their incessant questions) but at least all three of them can cheer together when tries are given and shout when the ref blatantly misses something important.

For me, I don't dislike rugby, I just don't have the passion Simon has ..... or the desire to shout at the TV screen.  Would it also be a tad sexist to say one of my main reasons for watching is that rugby players wear rather shorter shorts than footballers leaving plenty of well muscled leg to look at?  Sadly for me the game has never been the same since Jeremy Guscott stopped playing?  Who needed to understand how a scrum worked when he was on the pitch!!

Oh well - maybe I will get a bit more excited when one of the boys is playing on the TV?  Will it ever happen?  I strongly doubt it, but I can dream!

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  1. Hey, Rosie! So nice to read you again. Thanks for your lovely comment :)
    My Dad was a big Rugby fan but I can't say it ever caught my imagination either!
    Hope you and yours are well.
    Your blog's looking great! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. xx


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