Thursday, 11 November 2010

A Publicity Poster

Posted by Rosie

OK - time for a blatant Eco-Gites publicity post. I have designed a small (A5) sized poster to promote the gite and was wondering if any of you kind blog followers had somewhere you could put it up? Local noticeboards, work place staff-rooms, toddler groups, libraries etc etc. If you think you could help please send me an email (rosie {at} eco-gites {dot} eu) and I'll email you a copy. If your printer is terrible like mine, I can post you a good quality copy (thanks to a friend who has access to a better printer than me).

And now for a pretty picture of the play area taken just before the h
eavens opened .......


  1. live at the end of the rainbow. How fantastic!!

  2. Rosie I have made up an ad using your text and links and put it in my blog sidebar.

    I hope that is OK with you and Simon? Please have a look and say you are OK with it....

  3. CW - that's brilliant - thank you. Just one pernicketty point - on the third line down can you change "our" to "their" so it all reads in the same person. Many thanks - Rosie x

    Sue - maybe we do. If you look at the picture of the gite in the sidebar there is a rainbow there too ;-)

  4. Opps I thought I had altered them all!

    Will do

  5. You missed another one in the text ;-) I spotted it for you :-)))

  6. I saw it as soon as I pressed publish but thought you'd probably;y find it you clever thing - and you did :-)


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