Wednesday, 22 September 2010

It was very quiet this morning

Posted by Rosie

No alarm clock this morning as it's Wednesday so I don't have to be up to get the boys to school. No worries, the cockerels usually wake me up anyway. Not today though as yesterday Simon and I slaughtered 4 of the biggest boys and that obviously included Mr Noisy, our natural alarm clock. No cock-doodle-do this morning or seeing as they are here in France no "Coco-Riiiico" to wake us up. I am sure the others will find their voices soon enough but in the meantime it's back to the alarm clock.

I also sold
some of the ducks having decided that however much we like duck, eating 21 through a year may be just a bit much!! Despite the lack of summer grass for them to graze on (Muscovies prefer grazing to grain), they had grown well but with the year now advancing I would soon have to start feeding them more grain. Recently wheat prices have risen by 30% and I suspect that may not be the last price hike either. So yesterday was a day to reduce the animal numbers and swell the freezer/purse a little.


  1. I can't imagine waking up without the 'cock a doodle doo' of Norman and Caldwell here on the farm, how deathly quiet it must seem.

    Lets hope the others find their voices soon for you, there is nothing worse than the ringing or beeping of an alarm!

    Sue xx

  2. It must be 'that' time of the year. CIG has reduced her cockerel population, ours are due to go this weekend and the lambs are off.

    Still love your ducks ;-)

  3. wish i were closer.. i would take some muscovies off your hands :)
    ducks grow astoundingly fast eh?

    yes that time of year - freezer crisis time!

  4. Sue - yep - some-one else has found his voice!!

    Sandra - I wrote my blog then promptly went on CiG's and realised it must be that time of year.

    CiG - do you think customs would notice a couple of ducks on the back seat?!

  5. Hmmm - any tips on how to do the dreadful deed with a duck? Not that there's much room in my own freezer as it's full of apples, but one of our muscovys will have to be heading that way soon, and we're novices!


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