Monday, 23 August 2010

Au revoir Lou

Posted by Rosie

After a friend wasn't able to help out in the few weeks before the gite needed to be ready, we put a call out on HelpX for anyone daft enough to come and help us finish off about 4 weeks worth of work in two. Bonjour Lou. She came, she worked her socks off and then she stayed!! She finally left for home yesterday morning after 7 weeks with us. Thank you so very much Lou - you helped us out more than you could have imagined this summer; you were like a part of the family and now it seems so very quiet without you.

(However we are planning to make the "croissants in a tin" you bought and are enjoying the cheese you forgot to take home!!)


  1. Ohhh I get a blog entry! I feel very privileged...although you could have used a slightly more flattering photo! I look like I'm about to flatten Ben! Haha!
    I miss you all so much and am very annoyed that I forgot the smelly cheese!! Did the croissants work?

  2. We're annoyed you left the smelly cheese too - but it does mean we remember you every time we open the fridge door!! We've not made the croissants yet - maybe I'll do that for a treat when the campers return.

    We miss you too and I'm sure the boys will SKYPE you when they get back - in the meantime go and get on with your Uni reading ......


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