Monday, 5 July 2010

Squiggly has hatched!!!

Posted by Tom

This is my caterpillar Squiggly who is now not a caterpillar nor a cocoon - he is a MOTH!! He hatched last night whilst I was in bed. At first I thought it was a moth on the ceiling, then I thought it was my tummy rumbling, then I worked out it was Squiggly hatching. I rushed down to see Dad and told him about it and now he is in the wild (Squiggly, not Dad!!)

The second picture is his empty cocoon which I am keeping.


  1. Wow Tom Well done !! Fascinating to see the cocoon and how exciting to *hear* it hatching.

    Congratulations on looking after him so well : )

  2. Wonderful news, and so lovely that now is back in the wild. How well you must have looked after him until he hatched.

    Well done.

    Sue xx

  3. Excellent! And what kind of moth is he?

  4. He's an Oak Eggar and hopefully he is enjoying life in the wild.

  5. well done Tom!

    and really good you heard it hatching!

  6. One night I thought I saw Squiggly flying around :-)


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