Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Reasons to visit Lénault in June

Posted by Rosie

Fêtes de la Musique

Throughout France, June 21st, Midsummer, is celebrated with Les Fêtes de la Musique, (musical festivals) - many towns take part with street m
usic and concerts to suit all tastes. Some are on the week-end nearest midsummer and others on the night itself.

We had hoped to go to the one in Aunay sur Odon (our nearest town) but unfortunately there was a mix up with the publicity and whilst the posters etc said it was on the Friday we had looked on the Internet where it said it was on the Saturday. Guess which night we went?! Instead we had a lovely (if slightly chilly) picnic by the river in Thury Harcourt.

However we did not completely miss out. Our friends invited us to a barbecue on the 21st and after eating like Kings (thank you Ian) we listened to the musical members of the group play traditional English Folk music round a roaring brazier (so no risk of getting too cold this time!). Tom and Ben also treated us to some of the French songs they have been learning at school.

Next year we will check the dates more carefully and hopefully fully join in the spirit of Midsummer, French style.

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