Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Quick Update

Posted by Simon

The weather has been very hot here at times and it is very dry - not good for the vegetable growing and grass. On the other hand it has been good for getting on in the gite. All the painting is now done and nearly all the timber work and doors are in or cut ready to go in. These need varnishing or oiling soon.

Today we started laying the tiles for the living area floor - everything is finally coming together. We were greatly helped by our two helpers, Cat and Freddie, with the painting and varnishing. They have now gone off to travel to the south and Spain. We have another helper in next week.

We also had an afternoon on the Beach, Saturday and Sunday was the school Kermesse (BBQ). This was a pleasant afternoon and we watched the younger children dance and listened to the older ones sing.

Due to the lack of grass we have been reducing the numbers of sheep. Two are waiting to be butchered and bagged up for the freezer whilst we are hoping to sell two of the lambs later this week.

Well I'm off to butcher the sheep (mutton) whilst Rosie is planting some extra leeks to make up for the poor onion crop. Rain is due later this week so hopefully this will give the veg a growth boost.

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  1. It must be very satisfying to see all your hard work coming together. Nearly finished now!!?!


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