Wednesday, 9 June 2010

And now meet .......

Posted by Rosie

....... Firkin.

Smokey really needed a companion and there are plenty of mice to go round so I went of the site Leboncoin to look for a friend for him. There were plenty to chose from but Firkin was the right colouring, the right age and not too far away so I rang up and went and collected him yesterday. He is settling in well although he is finding things a bit overwhelming at the moment and has yet to meet the dogs. He is a bit younger than Smokey but about the same size with MASSIVE paws. A big cat in the making I think.

So why the name Firkin? The French name their pets by the same letter for any given year. This year the letter is F. After much thi
nking, choosing, discounting and searching of baby name lists we came up with a shortlist of 4 and Firkin won. It means a type of barrel and specifically the fourth part of the barrel. Firkin is also the fourth cat Simon and I have had.

As for Smokey - he too also indirectly has an F name - Smokey in French is Fumeux or Fumant ....... although I have to admit this F translation was entirely by accident!


  1. What a gorgeous pair they are going to make.

    Sue xx

  2. I thought that too Sue - and they are getting on like a house in fire, so Smokey is slightly less interested in scaling our bare legs now!


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