Sunday, 2 May 2010

It's Raining!!!

Posted by Rosie

Yay - at last. In fact it rained for a good part of the night, kindly stopped long enough for me to do the animals this morning and has started again now. It is only forecast for today so would it be awful if I asked for it to rain ALL day? I know there are people with BBQ's at the ready and all sorts of outdoor activities planned but it really is just one day - and I promise not to mention the fact I have 2 loads of washing to try and get dry!


  1. Raining here and all last night. I wasn't so lucky.. I got soaked doing the animals. We do so need it but we were hoping to finish the pig/poultry pen this weekend....oh well, at least the pond is full, the plants are watered and the butts full :)

    Enjoy !!

  2. We also had rain all day yesterday and very welcome it was too. The garden has had a much-needed soaking and the ground is now beautifully workable again. The bad news is that the weeds will now grow even faster!!

  3. It's been almost drought-like here too! The lawn is suffering; which is not a sentence I say every May! :) xx

  4. I wonder how long it will be before we complain about too much rain!! Hope you get some soon Lucy for the lawn and I know what you mean about weeds, Marigold.

    Did you get the pens finished Sandra?


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