Friday, 28 May 2010

Heat Exchanger

Posted by Simon

I have nearly completed the installation of the air/heat exchange unit today and the attic now looks as if a nest of fat grey vipers have moved in. The inlet vent still has to be put in and the electrics connected up.

The diagram gives a brief explaination of how the unit works but basically warm old/damp air is sucked up from the bathroom, toilet and kitchen areas. It then passes though the heat exchange unit and is then blown outside. At the same time fresh air is being drawn into the the unit and as this passes through the unit the heat from the old air is used to warm up the incoming air. This warm fresh air is then blown down into the bedrooms and living area. In the summer the reverse happens and the incoming air is cooled.

I believe the theory is that not so much energy is needed to heat the house from other sources plus risk of condensation etc. is reduced. With all the installation we have put in lets hope so.

Having spent quite a few hours installing the planned prime soucre of heating the wood burner stove I decided to give it a test run. Well the flue/chimney was all okay but the wood burner was only burning on one side and was roaring away. Having checked all the air vents I just happen to run my hand along the back of the wood burner and that's when I noticed a gap. It transpires that the joint on one side or the rear is not closed up hence the air getting through. So a trip back to the supplier with a photo of the wood burner with a 10 €uro through it. These sorts of things I really do not need at the moment.

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