Friday, 30 April 2010

First April Showers!

Posted by Rosie

Yesterday we had the first April showers of the month. Up until then April had been uncharacteristically completely dry and whilst this has helped Simon with the gite (no muddy boots in and out of the door, able to leaves supplies and tools outside etc) it has been a real problem on the smallholding side of things. And yesterday, the 2 showers were not your typical April downpour, just a bit of drizzly rain for less than 20 minutes each. Not enough to fill water butts, not enough to help the grass grow and not enough to do more that wet the surface of the vegetable patch.

So today I will be back to filling the butts from the well, giving sheep extra feed and watering the seedlings in the veg garden. There is a bit of rain forecast for the week-end and whilst I know lots of people would prefer a dry week-end I really am praying to the rain gods to deliver the odd decent shower ..................... Please!

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