Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Reasons to visit Lénault in March

Posted by Rosie


Everywhere you look around here at the moment there seems to be lambs including our 5. So meet Silver, Little Tom, Moonlight (hiding), Little Ben (falling asleep) and Dotty. Here they are enjoying the glorious Spring sunshine which is so much preferable to the freezing cold winds of last week. Moonlight is especially happy as being a slightly weaker lamb she gets cold very quickly and we had to bring her in last week for a bit of TLC.

In truth thought, you really do need to be here to fully appreciate their antics. Something will suddenly get into their brains and off they'll dash, kicking and leaping in the air. Apparently they only do this when they are very happy so it would seem fair to say that we do have happy lambs. Phew!!


  1. stop talking about reasons to come visit, with this new house being built and a new laptop needed I have to stop dreaming about another holiday!!!! Darn it!


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