Saturday, 13 March 2010

Floors and Waste

Posted by Simon

Progress in the gite is going along satisfactorily. The upper and lower ground floors have been laid and what a difference it makes. Also it gives a great boost - another landmark achieved.

Although not quite finished I have connected all our waste pipes up and at long last all our waste water etc. is going into the septic tanks. I still have the air vents to do and then deal with the piles of soil. We also have to get the old cesspit emptied - I think I'll try to be out that day!

The old water heater decided it did not like being moved and gave up on us. So we had another few days of no hot water but as luck would have it a friend saw, on a Brits website, that somebody had a brand new water heater for sell for €60.00 (retail at €155.00) and I managed to get it. This the plumber got fitted and we soon had hot water again. I think in the long term this may be a blessing as the old one was taking at least 24 hours to fully heat the water and this new one about 2 hours.

And I had a night out - I went to see the film Invictus. This was in English with French subtitles. It is an excellent film, which I really enjoyed and I had a very pleasant evening.

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  1. A well deserved night out I must say. You have all been working so hard, it's nice to see things coming together.

    Sue xx


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