Friday, 8 January 2010

Snowy Normandy

Posted by Simon

Although it is cold and very snowy here the scenery is beautiful, especially when the sun shines. The boys are not at school, as it is virtually impossible to get out of here, so they are enjoying the usual snow activities. They are at this moment measuring the depth of the snow (13cms I've now been told) and just come in and asked if I can convert their plastic tennis rackets into snow shoes. I'll give it a go later.

Weather conditions are not helping with the building works and until I have finished one thing I cannot always get on with the next job. Also this means there are a few unfinished jobs around which gets a little disheartening at times. Site visits by plumbers and electricians are getting put back due to the icy roads and I'm getting to the point that they need to come in. But there is always something to do and slowly we are moving forward.

So it's back to work now - at least I only have a short distance to get to work and do not have to brave the roads to get there - I have already 'visited' a ditch earlier this week and had to get pulled out. And now have 'vehicle waiting for some repairs' added to my list.