Tuesday, 10 November 2009

On and on and on and on and on

Posted by Simon

I'm still struggling on with the sewage system. After what seems like an age and a few false starts the tanks are in and the outlet pipes are now in place to the filter beds. And we carried out a water test and it seems all the levels are correct and there are no leaks. Pete (Helpex) and I worked hard getting the pipes through the gite. We had to cut through two stone walls and dig a 6 metre trench in between. It went really well. I had visions of taking at least a day cutting the holes into the walls.

Now I have started the filter beds and this is incredibly slow work and much harder than I thought it would be. The sheep are definitely learning some new words - not just the usual baa! The pipes have to descend at less than 0.5% - in other words less than 0.5 of a centimetre per metre - all on a bed of gravel. Not as easy as it sounds and very frustrating. I'm going to try an alternative method, tomorrow, for the second of 5 trenches.

But I have been kept rather amused by Saari who has taken to mothering the ducklings. She gently checks on them and makes sure they are together. If they get split up Saari rounds them up again. Also, if she's a little bored she divides the poor ducklings up, only to herd them back together again. We're not sure if that is what the ducks really want but it keeps Saari happy for hours. Although we were a little concerned the other evening as we thought two of the ducklings were not very well - actually we think they were just so exhausted from the constant doggy attention. Now we keep Saari away to give the ducklings a rest.

And to add to Rosie's earlier blog - a special thanks to Pete and Tash for their help and hard work. It was very welcome and much needed. Now I'm off to taste the roast pork dinner with fresh vegetables (all home produced) which has been playing havoc with my nostrils for the last hour or so. And Pete I'm also enjoying a glass of 'Speckled Hen'.

And talking of sheep - why did the sheep cross the road?

To go to the baabers - of course!!!!!!


  1. if I was at home fulltime I would love a saari

  2. I have a Sophie, that like your Saari spends all her time rounding up and then dividing off the Welsummers. The poor things end up trying to hide when she vanishes for a minute, no wonder they aren't laying any eggs yet!!

  3. Interesting reading !

    Hope you don't mind, I've linked to you from my blog!


  4. Welcome Gary, Jen and Ruby. We're glad you like the blog and linking is just fine!!


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