Friday, 9 October 2009

So much to do before .....

Posted by Rosie

..... I go to England for a week.

The trouble with having animals and a vegetable garden is there is never a good time to have a week away. Animals need looking after daily and there always seems to be something to harvest/plant/dig etc in the veg garden. So I have been busy making sure the animals are all cleaned out, feed tubs are full and there is a plentiful supply of gleaned corn on the cobs and windfall fruit to keep the pigs happy. Things do seem to be slowing down a bit in the garden although that said, I got a big bowlful of raspberries today, loads of plum tomatoes and there are plenty of beans still to be had. I'm picking, cooking, freezing and preserving everything I can.

Not that I'm going to have a quiet time in England. I'm working in schools for 5 days and trying to catch up with friends and buy a few supplies each evening. A French friend wants 400 cake cases as these are much cheaper in the UK and a gingerbread man cutter; we need cheddar and I need a decent pair of walking boots. Oh dear - it looks like I might have to venture into Bluewater Shopping Centre. Wish me luck!!

As for Simon - he'll have to remember to feed all the animals, open and close the polytunnel, collect the boys from the bus stop, help them with their homework, give the boys the preserves for the autumn market, feed himself and the boys (no fish 'n chips here!) etc etc ....... and try and fit in a bit of gite building as well ....... Busy week all round then.

Mmmmmmm .... Fish 'n chips ....... yum!!

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  1. Sounds like a very busy time for both of you!
    Good luck back in England, hope you manage to get all the goodies you have on your list.


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