Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Walks and Photos

Posted by Simon

Well I seem to be getting on fine looking after the place whilst Rosie is away and the weather, although getting colder at night, has been lovely. Yesterday morning was one of those days that is especially great for a walk and taking some photos. It all started on the way back from taking the boys to catch the bus. I went home and got the camera, hoping the cloud would still be in the trees. It was.

So once I'd finished the morning chores I took the dogs out for a walk and took a few snaps on the way round. A very pleasant 90 minutes. The trees are just starting to change colour now so soon we'll get some of those nice autumn days with the reds, yellow and oranges of the leaves.

And I have had some time to work on the gite - although it has been limited this week. I'm slowly progressing upwards with the flue for the wood burner and will hopefully have that finished by this weekend. I have also done a few other jobs, that seem to always need doing.

Well it's off to look at that list again for the next set of chores and the boys return from rugby.


  1. Lovely photos - always pays to have your camera with you. One of the great pleasures of the internet and blogging in particular is folks' photos.
    thanks. :)



  2. wow I am loving the picture of the cow with the misty breath

  3. Thanks for the comments re-photos - with the cow I was lucky as she and the cow next to her breathed out at the same time.

  4. The picture of the tree is gorgeous, and the cows are just beautitful, glad you're taking time out to enjoy these moments whilst Rosie is away.

    Sue xx


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