Monday, 13 July 2009

Animals, animals, animals

I was woken this morning to hear odd scratching noises outside and a dog whimpering inside. I came downstairs and let Saari out thinking she must have been desperate for a wee.  No.  She wanted the mouse that Henry was playing with under the car (that, I assume was the scratching noise). Poor mouse, now it had 2 large evil beasts playing with it so I intervened and put it out of it's misery, much to the disgust of Henry and Saari. 

Back inside there were more noises - a light tapping sound which I traced to the woodburner.  INSIDE the closed woodburner was a young pied wagtail, calming tapping on the front glass.  It must have fallen down the chimney. So I evicted Henry (who was still sulking after the mouse incident), opened the windows before opening the woodburner to allow the little captive to escape which it did with great peeps of delight.

10 minutes later Henry must had thought feline Christmas had arrived early as a swallow flew into the house, right over his head.  Realising it's error it tried to fly out again through the now closed window.  Quick as a flash, Henry was there. I had robbed him of his mouse, I wasn't going to rob him of a swallow.  Not quite as quick but quick enough, I was there too; I grabbed Henry and managed to hold him whilst I got the window open and the swallow flew out.

Henry is really sulking now!!
Cat asleep on a window sill
Henry, sulking



  1. Poor Henry :) Looking forward to the photos of all the new additions.

  2. pfew - its all go at your place!

  3. hello Rosie, what an interesting Blog you have here! I shall look forward to following your progress, best wishes Kath


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