Friday, 5 June 2009

Never Again - well not 'til next year

Posted by Simon

I have been quite busy for the last week. Getting the barn cleared out for the party and everything ready took up some time although we did have a restful couple of days afterwards - Sunday we cleared up then Sally and I played boules (2 games all) and Monday we took the boys to the local park and had a picnic. Rosie and I read our books whilst the boys played. Very relaxing.

We also managed to get the sheep sheared on Tuesday. What a performance! I had to go and get the sheep shears from our friends, sort the barn, get it penned up and get the gear ready before we could even start.

Then it was time to get the sheep and it was like they knew. Getting them into the field with a pen in it - no problem. Getting them into said pen - big problem. Two heavily panting-for-breath humans - no sheep in pen - major problem. Two totally exhausted humans and no sheep in pen - now seriously not amused problem.

Anyway to cut a long story short we (eventually) got the ram and dragged him into the barn. One hour later he returned to his field looking like a skinny mountain goat. A possible 5 out of 10 for his hair do. Next we caught one of the black face sheep and was she keen to have a hair cut? Like heck! We tugged and pushed and dragged her over to the barn. 20 minutes later she was shorn (6/10 just). She enjoyed it so much she had to be tugged and pushed and dragged back to the field.

Next please and in the pen runs the third sheep - sorry I must be dreaming. This time luck was on our side and we got the other two into the field pen. Then we hauled and tugged and pushed and dragged them both over to the barn, watched by our neighbouring farmer who was very much enjoying cutting his hay in the next field. Well, he had a huge grin on his face but we couldn't see anything remotely amusing! Sheep number three - getting good at this - 15 minutes and the fleece almost off in one piece. Not a cut or scratch on the ewe and I fared quite well - pushing towards an 8/10 here. Number four - I'm an expert now - com' on 10 minutes it will all be over. 30 minutes later I need a rest and she is only half done. What a stubborn cow - I mean sheep. She would not stay where I put her, she needed two of us to hold her down - or should that read pin her down. I'm afraid to say she went back to the field looking rather the worse for wear and with a few added nicks and cuts. I'd be pushing a 3 out of ten for that one.

And after all that hauling and tugging and pushing and dragging them back to the field, I was knackered. My back ached, I was filthy and stinking and I needed a cuppa, a shower and a change of clothes - I'd finished and was quite pleased with my second go at sheep shearing (I did have a go 16 years ago). BLISS.

'Simon' Rosie called - 'before you shower, have you remembered you are going to shear N & S's sheep?' Arrrgh!!!


  1. I can see the funny side.....sounds like hell but when you aren't the one doing it, hahahahaha! That must be the hardest thing, I've seen it done but quite frankly taking my dog to have her hair cut is nightmare enough and there is just the one of her. Well done you for not (accidently-on-purpose) killing one and eating it for dinner.

  2. Funny you should say that - half way through the last sheep I screamed "I'm beginning to think I don't like sheep". I also remembered that I had nothing out for dinner and roast lamb seemed like a VERY good idea all of a sudden. But then a strong feeling of not letting a sheep took over and we finished her. Rosie x

  3. I've only sheared a sheep once, with hand shears (not electric); took so long,the sheep fell asleep.............LOL Woud do it again, though. Think how much better you'll be next year!



  4. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog, so I thought I'd pay you a visit, and I'm SO glad I did, what a lovely blog and a marvellous idea Eco-gites.

    In the words of Arnie....'I'll be back'.

    Sue xx

  5. I confess...we pay someone to do our lil flock...... take me long enough just to belly them for the abbatoir....

  6. I had a pretty good laugh at this post. We don't have sheep (yet) and it might be a few years before we do. But it reminded me of the chickens on harvest day. They always come running to me (I'm the food lady) and that day they didn't. They decided it was a better day to hide in the trees. lol.

  7. MrsL - you can always come and practice on our sheep next year
    Sue - welcome and thanks for your lovely comment.
    CiG - that sounds like a VERY good idea!
    MBM - those chickens aren't as daft as we think are they?


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