Monday, 18 May 2009

A Break in Proceedings

Posted by (a tired) Simon

It is nearly 2 o'clock in the morning and I have been home about a hour. Having checked the animals and put them to bed - first finding six of the nine hens who had decided to sleep in various corners around the place and putting them in their shed (one at a time) - I am now catching up indoors.

Why so late? Well a friend came round this afternoon and whilst here was interested to see how I'd been getting on with the gite. Rosie, friend and boys all went in the gite. I must admit I was having a Sunday afternoon snooze. On leaving the gite Ben decided, for some reason, to run out. He tripped over the step and we suspected he had broken his arm.

So off we went to the local hospital. Yes it is definitely broken and after the X ray we were told to go to the main hospital at Caen because it was a complicated break. Both bones in the forearm are broken - radius and ulna and apparently the poor mite will be in plaster two to three months.

He had to have a general anaesthetic and the arm re-set. He (and mum) are now staying the night in the hospital. Apart from when he originally fell and just after his operation he was brilliant and typical child was more concerned about when he was going to next get fed, how he was going to open his birthday presents (in two weeks time) and was he going to have cereal for breakfast in the hospital. Oh and cheered up at the knowledge that he was up later than Tom and also would not be going to school tomorrow - sorry today. (Tom is staying over night with friend)

So in the morning my French will be tested as I will have to go into the school and explain what happened to Ben. Nurses, Rosie and Ben were all giving me lessons on how to say 'Ben has broken his arm' this evening, but Rosie knowing my memory has also written it down.

And now I'm off to bed.


  1. Poor Ben; his concerns made me smile :)

    Hope he's on the mend soon.



  2. aawww bless him....hope he's feeling less sore soon.

  3. Poor Ben, hope he feels a bit brighter soon, and think of the fun he will have getting people to sign his cast...

    Hope the rest of you have recovered a bit, now....and caught up on some much needed sleep

    S x

  4. Oh poor Ben :o( I hope it gets reset ok & I am sure once the cast is on he will enjoy being a warrior & showing off for folks to sign :o)
    I broke my elbow year ago & its hard getting used to having it in a cast.
    Give him a hug from me & I hope you catch up with some sleep later on
    GTM x x x

  5. Oh mon dieu! Poor Ben :( I hope he gets better soon...
    Watch his cast though... if he's anything like me at that age he'll start "storing" things in there and they WILL be stuck in there for the next 3 months :D


  6. poor lad - hope he heals nice and fast

  7. Poor wee soul! Boys are quite tough though, he'll manage to do most things with a plaster cast.

    Reminds me of the time No2 son fell off his bike and hurt his wrist. 2 days later it was still a bit sore so I took him to A&E to get it checked out. Yes, it was broken. He's almost 20 now and still reminds me I'm a bad mother!

    Hope you recover from the shock soon.

  8. Thanks everyone for all the kind messages - Ben's coping really well and being Mr Independent when it comes to most things. Simon and I are slightly paranoid that he's going to fall again not least because he was running over the large cut logs this afternoon! Boredom may be his biggest enemy over the three months he may be in plaster - not helped by the fact he's broken his left arm and he's left-handed!


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