Thursday, 9 April 2009

That was lucky.....

Posted by Rosie

Yesterday the boys had friends over to play and I baked some traditional English goodies for them and their Mum to try - this time it was a batch of scones and a gingerbread. Both, I have to say went down very well with everyone. And I mean EVERYONE.........

When the earlier rain cleared, the boys went out to play and we went outside to look at the pig and have a tour of the garden, carefully making sure the dogs came with us and the front door was firmly shut. The rain didn't stay away for long and whilst Mum and I were sheltering in the polytunnel I saw the front door was open. We made a dash for it but it was too late and came back to one "licking-her-lips-that-was-a-nice-cake-thank-you" dog.

And the lucky bit? Thieving dog, whilst enjoying the spoils of half a gingerbread and several scones and had neither eaten the butter nor broken any of the plates the cakes were on!! Phew.

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