Sunday, 8 March 2009

Is it the wine or the praise? Well it's gone to me head!

Posted by Simon

I'm sitting here on a Sunday evening, enjoying a glass of wine, after running the hedge laying course for the last two days. We had a really enjoyable couple of days and achieved all the hedge laying I had planned. I am really pleased with the results. Everyone seemed to find the course helpful and had a good time which makes it all worthwhile. Below are some of the email comments we received after the course.

Simon & Rosie - We all had a great and informative day. Renauld was messing with his hedge til dark. Fab. Thanks Doug

Thank you for a great day, Great food, Great company, and a Great course, good luck with everything, love Glynis & Charlie

Dear Simon & Rosie, Just to say thanks for today, we both enjoyed it very much, most informative & well run. Sean & Colin.

This time we had two French people on the course and they both enjoyed their day. Remy could remember his Grandmother doing something similar many years ago hence his interest. Both said they are going to try laying their hedges at their places - in fact it sound likes Renauld has already began.

Now I have to plant up any gaps with 'whips' (small trees). Also the area we hedge laid round is possibly going to have the pigs in this year so I am going to have to fence the area. This will also stop Saari getting into the vegetable garden, where she has been stealing the brassicas on a self serve basis.


  1. Fabulous stuff, sounds like it was enjoyed by all!
    I had a go at hedge laying while studying at college and I'd love to try it again one day....and have the land of our own to try it on! (we need a lottery win! ;)
    Glad you guys had a good weekend.
    Lucy. x

  2. excellent - sounds like it went really well!


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