Sunday, 15 March 2009

The Grande Match

Posted by Simon

Today is the 6 Nations Rugby Match between France and England. I have been invited down to my neighbours' to watch the match and to possibly shout at the referee. This will be done at different times to my neighbour and of course when he shouts at the referee I'll probably think the ref. is right!

So I thought I'd better take something English with me and I found some bottles of locally brewed English bitter and stout beer. And this morning I have been busy making crumpets, which are considered a good English product. So as well as hoping England win I'm hoping these will go down well.

And for lunch we are are having traditional Sunday Roast.

Bonne Chance Angleterre


  1. Did I hear that England won?

    Hope the crupmets were a success!



  2. I missed the match had to go to work???!!! I hope you did not use your usual choice phrases??!! Sally

  3. Yes England won and the crumpets all went down very well. My two boys loved em and are after more.


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