Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Let there be light ..... and vegetables

Posted by Rosie

Simon has been very busy over the last two days putting electricity in the old bakery. Now we have a light in there and proper plugs for the freezers and fridge rather than an extension lead from the workshop. So no more fumbling in the dark to find the freezer door or using "But it's dark" as an excuse for not taking the recycling to the bins that are also stored in there.

And as the thaw slowly progresses I have at last managed to get some fresh vegetables out of the garden. Tonight we feasted on neck of lamb stewed with parsnip, swede, turnip and pumpkins all simmered slowly in half a bottle of rather rough red wine we won't be buying again for drinking. And there was cabbage to accompany - a very nice change from frozen beans and bought carrots.


  1. Mmm sounds wonderful!

    Just wondered..was it your lamb? as I seem to remember you saying about rearing sheep?

    I want to rear lamb ( and pigs...) but am having some "difficulty" with other members of my family..which is ok and I respect their view but it is a bit ...mmm...annoying? as I really want to rear some meat!

    Perhaps I will have to find another way round this issue..

    anyway..glad you can get to your veg, we managed to lift a load of artichokes and parsnips and leeks today as the ground had finally thawed, so all the stuff is going into storage just in case it freezes again!

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  3. Hi Rosie

    thanks for your comment on my blog, love yours too, will definitely be popping in to see what you guys are up to from now on!

  4. yay vegetables! and yay for freezers! we're saving for another...

  5. CW - yes it was our lamb - we also did a pig share scheme where friends kept two pigs (they are social animals so need company) and we shared costs and the meat at the end of the day. And believe you me, one pig produces a lot of meat. Next year we are having the pigs!!

    Good luck with persuading the others about keeping animals for meat. Less than a year ago we had never kept animals except pets and now we have chicken, turkey, lamb and pork in the freezer. It is hard work but immensely satisfying when you sit down to a plate of all your own food.

    Kat - hi and welcome- I'll be popping in to you as well.

    CiG - even two freezers is only just enough, especially when a neighour offers you a 30x40cm bucket of frozen raspberries. YES - I can fit them in the freezer if I jiggle things around a bit :-)

  6. Hey there, lovely looking cabbage!

    The pictures of the bathroom are up.

  7. ...... it is isn't it. Pity it's not mine ;-)


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