Thursday, 22 January 2009

Great Wall Update

Posted by Simon

The Great Wall of Lenault is slowly rising out of the muddy depths. And the pile of sleepers is slowly diminishing (I think). All of yesterday and this morning I have been building up the revetment wall and I'm pleased with my progress, but when the weather changed for the worse at lunch time I decided, without any second bidding, to call it a day. It was not only the rain and mud that finished me off but a body that was saying enough is enough. So a nice afternoon in front of the fire (dozing?) is now planned before heaving more sleepers around tomorrow.


  1. coming on quickly though

  2. wow, it looks really beautiful, I love old sleepers!

  3. gosh look at you go! wow you have done huge amounts! and there is me, being rather proud of my little ditch we have dug down the side of the garden for run off!

    Is that the open sided barn behind that you are going to convert to a gite? Or have I gotten the wrong end of the stick?

  4. Well once Simon gets going there's no stopping him .... oh except when it rains hard!! (and he does have digger to help move the sleepers).

    SoL - the barn behind is going to be a playbarn with table football, table tennis, toddlers slides etc. And the area in front of the wall will become a hard surface for boules/basketball etc. The gites are to be made in our house and the attached barn. We will eventually live in an older house/barn on the other side of the property. Just a bit of work to do before we get things finished then!!


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