Friday, 21 November 2008

It All Ends in a Fairy Tale!

Posted by Simon

Well Rosie is back tomorrow from her trip to the UK and I have survived the week so far - approx 22 hours to go (not that I'm counting). The boys have been pretty good although we did manage to miss the school bus on Monday - Ben went into a daydream mode.

As they did not have school on Wednesday I manged to keep them entertained most of the day but it did need some persuasion to get them to take the dogs for a walk. We eventually got out and all had a lovely time. Nearing the end of our walk there is a field that the boys love to go in as it has two streams to play in. They had a great time jumping across the streams, wading through the bog and generally running around getting very muddy and wet. I thought at one stage that it was going to be case of the classic 'one welly boot left in the bog' scenario for dad to rescue. The dogs also had a lovely time chasing each other. Although Saari did look very foolish when she jumped the stream and not realising her landing zone was the bog she ended up in a heap wallowing like a pig in a mud bath.

When we got home Tom could not get his wellies off as they were full of water and the suction made it nearly impossible. With much tugging they eventually popped off and were placed on a foot stool in front of the fire to dry out.

After lunch I took the boys swimming and on our return found the cat acting out a fairy tale in front of the fire..........Puss n' Boots


  1. ah lovely photo of puss! I bet the boys have loved having you there to themselves :o) but gosh Rosie I bet you missed them,well when you werent having a lay in,or a long soak in the tub,or reading a book or nattering to a I sigh wistfuly lol!!!
    GTM x x x

  2. Quote "well when you werent having a lay in,or a long soak in the tub,or reading a book or nattering to a pal"

    I wish!!!

    It was a really hectic 6 days in which I managed to fit in getting to and from France, visiting Kent and Exmoor, working for 3 days, having my eyes tested, shopping and collecting vital supplies. I did get to see a lot of friends and Mum too but none are as cuddly as my boys!! I'm gld to be home and ever so slightly knackered.

  3. Glad you had a good trip Rosie.

    just to let you know my post is up about the Tree of Happiness award you gave me and I have tagged 6 more people.........


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