Thursday, 27 November 2008

From pig to ......

Posted by Rosie

.... Faggots. We slaughtered our pig on Monday and tonight we had for the first time ever, home-made faggots. They were delicious and made good use of parts of the pig I could all too easily have not otherwise eaten. The liver paté I made at the same time is currently cooling and I'm planning to make ham, sausages and chorizo tomorrow. The dogs are also very happy having their supper embellished with miscellaneous pig scraps. I am sure Simon will write more of his experiences of butchering the pig but I am just hoping their is enough room in the freezer for all the meat!


  1. lovely. what recipe did you follow for faggots?

    and do you have to keep the pigs at your place next time?

  2. I used HFW's recipe in his Meat book (although I had no allspice). Let me know if you would like the recipe.

    The pigs are living here next year, in the area that is planned for the natural swimming pool. They'll dig it over and get out all the tree saplings plus it is right next to the veg patch so I can throw them all sorts of goodies on a regular basis. Happy pigs make for tasty meat.

  3. I saw HFW making these on the TV, did they take really good?

  4. that was meant to say

    Did they taste really good?

    Too much going on I dont know what I am typing!!!

  5. oh thanks Rosie - we have that book too - good to know the recipe is tried and tested.

  6. SoL - they really were superb and looked the bees knees wrapped in the caul we had carefully saved for the job.

    CiG - And when you have your own pig you will have your own pig liver, heart and pork scraps making them taste even better.


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