Thursday, 16 October 2008

Natural Swimming Pools

Posted by Simon

I am now back from the UK after a successful fact finding tour. On Monday I travelled to Shropshire for a day learning about the construction of a natural swimming pool. Although from previous experience I had some knowledge of the methods it was still an extremely useful day. It was not only about the construction but also talking to somebody with first hand on-the-job experience. Hearing about the problems they'd encountered, developing the way they carry out construction etc, which plants are better and those all important time/money saving tips. With a real example to look at as well (photo) it, as the lime course, gives me a boost of confidence for our project. Although I think that will be a couple of years away yet.

I then travelled down to Brecon and, after camping for the night at an extremely expensive Caravan Club site near Brecon, I visited a place called Tŷ-Mawr. Basically they have restored their house using lime and natural materials but have had to produce their own materials as sourcing them at the time was difficult. Now they have taken this a step further by running courses and also selling lime and natural materials. I was shown the products at their warehouse/show house by a very helpful member of staff and then went to the house. Although I turned up unannounced one of the owners kindly took the time to give me a brief tour and chat. Again all very helpful to our project and gave me plenty of ideas for materials and techniques to use . Tŷ Mawr also does camping at a ¼ of the price I paid at the Caravan Club!!!

I had a lovely weekend at my sister's and we both enjoyed the rugby. I also caught up with a couple of other friends before returning. And I'm getting quite good at taking the tent down.


  1. These look really good and would be a wonderful addition to your gites - a real selling point! Do you have a spot in mind?

  2. Yes we do - the area that was the old vegetable garden, approx 25 metres square. It has hedges on 3 sides. One replanted and 2 sides to be laid this winter. The fourth side is an old hedge line but now mainly bramble so it maybe replanted or have fencing. At the moment the area is very overgrown. We might put pigs in there next year to help clear it - saves me a job! It is also adjacent to the barn that will be our house.


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