Saturday, 25 October 2008

Hide and Seek

Posted by Simon

Quite an average week this week. I finished the last two windows in the attic. These did not go as planned as one was slightly too big and the other they had supplied with a height of 52cm and width 44cm - this should have been the other way round. Nevertheless I managed to get them to fit and now all I have to do the finishing touches.

Helped some neighbours out with some topsoil they needed, also some friends with felling a couple of trees, did some chores around the garden and bought materials to line the chimney and a few other jobs I need to get done. This took most of the day, Friday, as I had to go to three different towns to try and get one piece I wanted - all to no avail. So I've had to adapt, which was cheaper and I think will be better for what I need. I felt I had a really wasted day though.

And playing hide and seek with Ben was nearly a wash out! But I did eventually find him - only because a little voice said 'here I am Dad'. How he got in there, I'll never know?

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  1. omg that made me laff! eeek I darent show the smalls that picture tho! I will find them both in there,that would make for a mighty insurance claim on a new drum......
    GTM x


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